Price Tracking

Business Intelligence for online stores and marketplaces.


We have developed the most powerful platform, but at the same time simple to use, that allows you to obtain critical information to increase your online sales. With simple clicks you access an in-depth analysis of the presence of your products and those of your competition.


The first platform that allows you to analyze any eCommerce site on the web and provide crucial information to make decisions that allow you to increase your sales immediately.

If you are on the web and it is an e-commerce site or a product catalog, we can provide monitoring of each of your products in a unified way in our exclusive analysis platform.

It can be a marketplace or it can be an institutional site of a brand that has a product catalog.

Price control done right.

Establish suggested selling price ranges for each product and evaluate which sellers and on which sites publish products that are below or above the established price. All exportable to excel with a simple click.

Price control is applied to each line of products, whether they are their own or those of the competition.

Alerts for price and availability variations.

Nuestro avanzado sistema de alertas te permite dar seguimiento a grupos de publicaciones y que se emitan notificaciones  cada vez que se produce un cambio en el producto ofrecido.

Puedes seguir modificaciones de precios, descuentos, stock, ventas y mucho más.


Define your data collection frequence.

Updates data sets every hour, every few days, weeks, etc.  

Even the frequencies of data collection can be altered in times of hot sales or special sales, increasing the rate of data collection to identify changes hour after hour.

Obtain sellers information.

Focus on those vendors and stores that matter to you, and identify their pricing and discount strategies before anyone else.

Powerful groups and filters for your datasets.

Once we have obtained a data set from a site, we can filter that information and create new data groups. For example, we can follow a sportswear brand and then create groups based on each family of products offered by the brand.

Simple to use, but tremendously powerful

Anyone in your company can benefit from the data obtained and analyzed in Pulou Market Analyst.

You can create reports and share them with your team. In fact, we provide at least 5 accesses with each company account so that different departments can benefit from the data obtained.

Your eCommerce, sales, marketing, commercial or general manager can enter and with a few clicks obtain information that will help them make better decisions to optimize the price, optimize the reach and distribution in online sales channels and thus increase sales. .

Price tracking faqs

Do I have a way to check which sellers are selling below or above our suggested prices?
Yes, in the Price Control section, the suggested price range could be placed to identify all the publications (therefore the sellers) that are below, in range or above the suggested prices of a product.
My competition has an eCommerce site, what kind of information can we obtain to analyze on the platform?
Normally the sites with product catalogs or online sales are structured by product categories.

We can obtain the entire list of categories, obtain all the products by category and also all the details provided in the product.

Our team will be able to tell you what type information can be obtained from the product detail page.
How can I understand what changes occurred in a certain period of time?
From the variations section you can select against which report from the past to analyze the changes that occurred against the current report.

What price change, which posts are discontinued, which ones are new, and which ones changed their title.
What kind of eCommerce sites can I get data from?
From any site on the web that has a product catalog structure or online sales store. These can be marketplace type sites where many brands are offered or it can also be an institutional brand site that has a catalog of its products.

Some examples of online stores: Walmart, Costco, multi-brand marketplaces stores such as Amazon, eBay, etc.
How can I determine the best price to position my product?
By creating filter groups we can obtain the prices of a brand or group of brands and establish a price range to be able to check the price that is offered the most or the price that is being sold the most.
Can I download the information in xls format?
Yes, every table and filtering group that we have on the platform can be downloaded in xls, we have a download section in which all the historical data extractions will appear.
What is the depth of data that we can obtain with Pulpou Price Tracking Service?
Pulpou has two data collection mechanics, Lite and Pro.

With the Lite version we can obtain the data that we see on the first screen of the publication on its original site, for example, the results grid that a search gives us, all the Product data that appear in that grid will be considered Lite.

With the Pro version we can also obtain the details that appear on the second page of each publication, the internal product page, where all the details of the publication are.

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