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More than ever online brand protection is a must. Avoid the real impact that fake goods cause to your brand.

Effectively identify and remove IP infringements
from Online marketplaces

Pulpou helps brands and law firms to effectively identify and remove Intellectual Property (IP) Infringements from online marketplaces and maximize sales of your genuine products.


Our web based easy-to-use platform allows IP owners to monitor and send notices of claimed infringements to +100 sites.

Track key infringers

Focus on already detected conflicting sellers first. Track their moves and avoid future infringements.

Better Case Management

Track sellers response and analyze each case with all the needed info in front of your eyes.

Scale your auditing process

We offer a team based approach which allows you to scale your reach for better coverage and analysis.

Powerful filtering

Define a search term and filter listings in real time, no processing wait. Avoid auditing listings that you have already scanned.

Multiple languages

Browse listings in your own language, check prices in your own currency for better decision making.

Multiple reports on a single click

Boost your productivity and auditing accurancy with our smart reporting streamline.


Our specialists can take care of the whole process, from monitoring marketplaces to checking the effective taking down of the infringements.

We know the medium, understand how conflicting sellers operate and we have strategies to block them.


Protect your brand in Social Networks

We are working on the definitive tool to find and report IP infringements on Instagram (1) and Facebook (2).
Join our exclusive BETA program, start tracking infringers and send takedown notices today.


Pulpou Market Analyst

Quiénes venden productos de tu marca en Mercado Libre?
Cuántas ventas tienen esas publicaciones?
Qué productos de la competencia están vendiendo?

Éstas y muchas más respuestas encontrarás con los reportes de Pulpou Market Analyst para Mercado Libre.

Desarrolla hoy más que nunca el máximo potencial de ventas en la plataforma más importante de eCommerce en América Latina.


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